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wicked weasel swimwear

The Daring Line of Wicked Weasel Swimwear
By SwimWearHome

There are definitely more than a few extremely popular swimwear companies out there today, but one of the best by far is the Wicked Weasel swimwear line. It is definitely one of the sexiest, most revealing selections of women’s bathing suits on the market today, and so if you are a daring, confident woman, then this is definitely one company that you are going to want to check out for yourself. Wicked Weasel swimwear offers one of the largest and most varied selections of ladies’ swimwear today but you should be aware that it is all very daring and provocative. They are an Australian company that designs and manufactures high quality risqué swimwear and underwear for women. Their bikinis, knickers, and most other products are manufactured completely onsite at their premises which is located in the heart of Australia. They always maintain their business integrity by doing a few things in particular, namely keeping their prices as low as possible without jeopardizing quality, and by refraining from seeking partners, agents or any other type of involvement with third parties. The Wicked Weasel swimwear company has a specific motivation, which is to provide a fun, daring ...... (to be continued on next paragraph)

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The Bikini- Swimwear’s Finest Design
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(continued)...... range of quality products for women around the world, and as well to reach their goal of building a modern, ethical and socially responsible business in the world’s economy today. They are especially well known in the Australia and UK but are only now becoming seriously popular around the rest of the world as well. They use only the finest quality materials for all of their products, and the laces in particular that they use have varied composition but are principally made of Nylon and Lycra. Their metal fittings are made from stainless steel and are thus corrosion resistant and will not mar or wear. Caring for Your Swimwear There are a few things that you should take into caution with your Wicked Weasel swimwear however. You should not go into hot tubs or swimming pools as the chlorine can damage your swimsuit. Also after each use you should hand wash your suit in mild soap and then rinse well and hang to dry. Do not leave it rolled up wet, or use bleach, or iron or dry clean it. Remember that if a snag ever appears in your Wicked Weasel swimwear you should grip the fabric 1-2 cm each side of the snag and then stretch apart gently, and the snag should disappear.

Finding Great Women’s Swimwear Online
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